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What is Narcissistic Abuse?


Narcissistic Abuse is a pattern of interacting with another non-narcissistic person that causes significant emotional trauma and consists of “The Terrible Ten.” These narcissistic methods are a means to erode the other person’s identity, confidence, and self-esteem while causing them to question their own reality, purpose, and self-worth.    

The Terrible Ten

Vulnerable Targets– The narcissist is almost always a serial abuser going from one target to another and often having several people at various stages in the manipulative relationship. They are experts in spotting people who are kind, caring people, who often due to their past, have trouble setting healthy boundaries and therefore are more easily manipulated and controlled.    

Love Bombs– The narcissist showers you with gifts and attention making it difficult for you to see any negative issues. Professes you are the most important person in their world. They claim you are special and you deserve someone equally special. 

Charms—Your friends and family often think this person is awesome, because the narcissist never shows their true colors to others. The narcissist has thousands of stories of how special he is and how everyone loves him.    

Gaslights– The narcissist twists your words, denies saying things, convinces you that you misunderstood them – even when you have proof 

Controls— The narcissist controls you emotionally with phrases like “if you loved me you would (or wouldn't) _____”  

Isolates—In time, the narcissist tries to keep you isolated from your friends and loved ones.

Blames/Refuses to take Responsibility—The narcissist blames all their bad choices, irresponsible behavior, temper, substance abuse, legal issues, money shortages, or other character flaws on someone else or you. Also, they claim that everyone else is crazy, including all of their exes, former friends, and family.    

Berates—The narcissist, after capturing you emotionally, begins to demean, belittle, verbally abuse, or embarrasses you in front of others, and then says that it was your fault that it happened.    

Ghosts– The narcissist suddenly disappears, doesn’t respond to texts or voicemails, and doesn’t answer their phone.

Hoovers—At various times in the relationship especially if the narcissist believes he is losing control over you, he often returns to the excessive attention – frequent calls, texts, emails. This is an attempt to do ANYTHING to re-establish the previous connection and control he had with you even after you have attempted to go “no contact.” This increased attention may include stalking.  

Where Do I Go From Here?

Is Life Coaching Right for Me?

Through one-on-one life coaching sessions, customized to your specific situation and issues, together we will analyze what happened, and determine what steps are needed to escape this toxic relationship so that you can begin to heal.

Prior to Your Introductory Session: I will provide you with a short questionnaire that will help both of us gain insight into your specific areas of need. 

During Your First Session: I will tell you my qualifications as a Life Coach and explain the process of our work together. I will then answer any questions you have about me or this process. For the rest of the session, you can tell me a little more of your story. We will also schedule a follow-up session if you are comfortable to continue to work together. 

After Your Initial Session: Within 1-2 days, I will provide you with a Personalized Action Plan that will assist you in quickly turning your dreams of a brighter future into reality. 

Future Sessions: These will consist of helping you understand your plan, making adjustments when needed, and putting the different components into action. 

About Me

I'm Here For You

I am a life coach who helps men and women rediscover their sense of identity and purpose after the devastating experience of a narcissistic or other toxic relationship. 

These relationships leave one feeling overwhelmed, depressed, defeated, hopeless, and believing that life can never and will never be the same. As both a child, and a former partner of a narcissist, I understand the ashes from which you've come, as well as the struggle you find yourself facing. 

Whether your relationship was 30 days or 30 years, with a parent, partner, spouse, child, sibling, or friend, I have the experience and resources necessary to help you rebuild your boundaries, refocus your energy, and redirect your path toward a life of fulfillment, joy, and peace. 


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Sessions are $25/hr and I work on a session-by-session basis. Sessions are conducted via your preferred video chatting platform (Skype, Google, etc).

You may schedule sessions as infrequently or as often as you would like. I leave time in my schedule each day for emergencies and have flexible appointment times. 

I offer a money back guarantee on your first session should you feel my services do not meet your needs/expectations.